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Christmas Tree Varieties

Christmas Tree Varieties

Norway Spruce

This traditional Christmas Tree has a wonderful aroma and rich colouring

Nordman Fir

This tree is known for its good needle retention making it the most popular Christmas Tree

Fraser Fir

This tree continues to grow in popularity, has a blue-green needles and the branches have good structure. They have a pleasant scent and needle retention is excellent


Height (min height) Norway Spruce Nordman Fir Fraser Fir
4ft (122 cm) £20 £30 Not currently available
5ft (152.4 cm) £25 £35 Not currently available
6ft (182.9 cm) £30 £40 Not currently available
7ft (213.4 cm) £35 £45 Not currently available
Why buy from us

Why buy from us

Locally grown near Danby Wiske, Northallerton.

We are able to deliver locally to Northallerton, please contact us to arrange delivery and for a delivery price to your address.

Our plantations are grazed by our Oak Whin Flock of Pedigree Shropshire Sheep; whilst we can’t claim to be completely organic, we aim to keep use of herbicides to a minimum.

The trees add to the biodiversity of our locality creating excellent habitat for many bird species during the nesting season. The rotation of plantations and the cycle of growing Christmas Trees is conducive to birdlife as no work is done within the summer, therefore not disturbing nests or young birds.