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Tree Surgery Services

Tree Surgery Services

There are many different methods of managing trees. Over the life span of a tree, there becomes a time when management may be necessary involving tree surgery. We have a team of highly skilled climbing arborists which are able to safely carry out the following work when necessary.

There are 5 main methods of pruning:

Crown Thinning

This is where 10-20% of the crowns density is removed, this is created by removing unnecessary branches within the crown. This can improve situations where light blocked by a dense canopied tree is a problem.

Crown Lifting

This is where the lower limbs are removed from the main stem to create clearance. For instance over a footpath or road.

Crown Reduction

This is carried out where a tree has outgrown its location or where a limb/s have become over extended in relation to the overall size of the tree.

Dead wood removal and crown cleaning

This is carried out generally on mature trees which are carrying a volume of deadwood and decayed branches usually for safety purposes.


This is carried out where previously a tree has been pollarded this is the removal of all the foliage, back to branch stubs.

Other Arboriculture Services

Other Arboriculture Services

Tree Felling and Dismantling

When a tree becomes unsafe, there may be no other option but to remove it. Depending on the location of the tree depends whether a tree can be safely felled or dismantled in sections appropriate for the location using rope and rigging techniques.

Hedge Maintenance

Height and width reductions and annual (regular) maintenance can be carried out to suit your requirements.

Cable Bracing

This is carried by using cobra non invasive braces. This is used when a tree has multiple main stems which may have weak forks or unions to aid stability and longevity of the tree.

Stump Removal

Removal of any stumps from small garden stumps to large mature tree stumps. We have a range of equipment to suit the needs of the property, site and stump size.

Timber Forwarding

Fast and efficient method of moving large sections of timber using tractor and grab trailer often used is parkland but can be used on any site where a tractor can gain access.

Tree Replacement

We can advise on, supply and replant replacement trees in any location to suit a customers needs or preference.